Frequently asked questions

The process to live stream an event is complicated in and of itself - we handle that part. Once we agree to live stream your event, we bring the equipment, the broadband, the website portal and the expertise. Your job is to provide us access to and/or promote to your target market (faculty, student body, alumni, fans and the worldwide community), using all means of social media, print, and word of mouth. The more people that support the event, the more funds are raised. The fundraising effort should extend an entire season. For example, live steaming your teams entire basketball season (Home and Away). There is no upfront cost for your program, other than the time and effort to promote each and every game. We then split the revenues generated by the event. 

All Live Stream, Rebroadcast and Video-On-Demand (VOD) payments are handled by Cleeng and conducted on their servers using the higher compliance standards.


Our Live Stream service is pay-per-view. In the future, we will be offering a season subscription service for our clients fan base. 

Turn-around time depends on the the amount of footage that we have to parse to put edit your video. A typical video takes us roughly about a week.

Payment for highlight videos are processed by Paypal. 

Yes. At no additional cost we will upload your game film to the service of your choice.

We usually have our rebroadcast up within 24 hours. If you have already paid for an event, simply log back in to your account on Cleeng, and you will have access to the entire event.

Yes. Under normal circumstances we usually have our rebroadcast up within 24 hours.